The Anatomy and Semiotics

The supreme Genesis medallion is composed of twelve components, each symbolizing an eminent human trait.

1. The Mount

The mount supports the whole medallion firmly. It is made of a strong alloy of gold and steel. It demonstrates the maintenance and balance of the ecosystem forces. It aims to connect the physical and digital realms harmoniously.

2. Sphere of Vita

The sphere of vita is made of life power and living creature souls. It portrays brio and birth.

3. The Jade

Six pieces of jade with golden veins; This combination depicts the fact that under unrelenting pressure and hardships, things become solid and valuable.

4. The Garnet

At the centre of the medallion, a Swiss-cut Garnet is placed. The Garnet represents the vision and values of Decuple and its community and the scarcity of NFTs. The Swiss stone cut provides a modern identity to the aged Garnet. The symmetrical cuts describe Decuple as a user-oriented project to unite human civilizations.

5. The Golden Gird

The Garnet is encircled by a purer golden gird with elegance and contrast enhancement. The gird is adorned with motifs from ancient civilizations, representing rich history and heritage. It also signifies the remarkable efforts made by Decuple to keep the community unified. It highlights the importance of circulating the supply within the ecosystem.

6. Central Blades

Six blades attached to the gird are made of more purified gold than the lower parts of NFT. They have an Indus script on them, a corpus of undeciphered symbols produced by the Indus Valley Civilization, one of the earliest civilizations on the earth.

The script represents the mystery and innovation of the Decuple platform, showing Decuple is empowered by blockchain technology. On the other hand, six blades indicate the equal opportunity and level of access of diverse societies for Decuple and blockchain users.

7. The Tarnished Lemniscate

The lemniscate symbol manifests the creativity and infinite source of income that Decuple will provide its users. It also signifies that every NFT owner will be a part of Decuple's endless monetization program. The tarnished layer narrates the history of Decuple's inception and the challenges and incidents it has overcome.

8. The Feather Shield

A long feather-like shield mostly made of copper serves as:

1. The boundary between lower impure and upper pure parts of the NFT;

2. It also protects the feather for good;

3. It symbolizes empowerment, promotion, and advancement of its upper parts in the medallion and the ability to overcome obstacles, challenges, and limitations to reach higher levels of excellence and success. This mentions a Decuple business that exactly does the same.

9. The Feather

The amethyst feather depicts many aspects of life: science, wisdom, health and freedom. It conveys rapid growth by pursuing science and wisdom, improvement of well-being, and freedom to travel anywhere. It spectacularly represents the missions of Decuple subset enterprises.

The amethyst colour also indicates the royalty, luxury, and wealth of Decuple's ecosystem and its users.

10. The Ears of Golden Wheat

The ears of wheat showcase sustenance and universal wealth for all users. It also shows abundance, prosperity, and excellence in Decuple. This was inspired by an ancient Egyptian belief that the soul of wheat caused growth, wealth, abundance, and sustenance. This time, the gold used in wheat is super pure and more sparkling than the lower part of the medallion, making it a one-of-a-kind, attractive asset.

11. The Medallion Wreath

The medallion wreath symbolizes supreme guidance, governance of the projects, victory and honour of the customers and their administration over the ecosystem.

12. Spehere of Disquietude

The sphere of disquietude is composed of different colours that represent the various human emotions and sensations. Human beings are sources of hope and fear. We at Decuple want to advance human life quality by considering their complex ideas, feelings, and anxieties.

13. The Emerald

Emerald emitting a bright light; The green emerald represents the ultimate goal of Decuple, its achievements and aspirations, the fruit of hard work and dedication, and a reward for a long, challenging journey. It's a treasure for those who have discovered and perceived the dream of Decuple. It reflects the nature of humanity.

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