Campifo is a blockchain-based platform offering a wide range of travel and lifestyle services. It sets itself apart by enabling cryptocurrency payments and the "Stake to Pay" concept. This business covers car and yacht rentals, hotel bookings, flight reservations, international event planning, and customized tour experiences.

This approach enhances the convenience of your travel and lifestyle planning and prioritizes your privacy and security through blockchain technology. Campifo's transparency ensures that you receive fair pricing and reliable services while enjoying the flexibility and efficiency of cryptocurrency transactions.

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Decuple NFT use cases on Campifo include but are not limited to:

By staking Decuple NFTs on Campifo, users will access a wide array of travel-focused advantages.

  • Rewards on flight and other transportation bookings;

  • Discounts on any accommodations and restaurants, from luxury to budget-friendly options;

  • Free local transportation and food services;

  • Free tour concierge and guidance;

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