Our Missions

Our dedication to achieving our vision is unwavering. To reach these ambitious goals, we are committed to several missions:

1. Promoting Financial Literacy: We recognize the importance of financial knowledge and commit to spreading it by offering educational content regularly, including articles, videos, webinars, and more.

2. Equitable Wealth Distribution and Social Equity: We are driven to create a prosperous society where wealth and opportunity are fairly distributed. We are actively working on comprehensive mega projects that encompass various aspects of life. By participating in our communities, our users can access a wide range of financial, healthcare, and tourism services at unprecedentedly affordable rates. We have also pioneered NFT monetization mechanisms to benefit our community.

3. Cultural Display and Exchange: We enable users to celebrate their cultural heritage, explore new perspectives, and connect with like-minded individuals through our Medurism and Campifo programs and events. We highly value our customers' presence in foreign countries, and we have organized various social activities to facilitate these connections.

4. Development of Homemade Businesses: In addition to offering wholesale opportunities through Brandstaking, we empower homemade businesses and artisans to run small enterprises by providing branding and selling guidance. Through Brandstaking, we have envisioned a platform for small businesses to flourish and increase domestic income.

5. Public Health Improvement: We are dedicated to exploring blockchain-based solutions to elevate community health, reduce excessive treatment costs, and upgrade medical infrastructure. These initiatives result in improved treatment processes, financial benefits, and other valuable services for our users.

6. Enhancing NFT Utility: To create a platform with more value and usefulness for NFTs, Decuple enables NFTs to be used for various purposes, such as gaming, social media, education, entertainment, and e-commerce. This ensures that NFTs are fully utilized and remain in high demand and liquidity.

7. Maximizing NFT Income: Decuple empowers NFT owners to generate more income by enabling them to stake and lend their NFTs to unlock various options. Decuple also allocates dividends from its revenue to all participants in its platform and projects.

8. Upgrade Plain NFTs: We are an inclusive ecosystem of blockchain and Web 3.0 that enables users to upgrade their plain NFTs to astronomical versions of themselves, unlocking new digital and real-life opportunities. This has been a long-standing concern of the Decuple team for years.

Our missions are a continuous effort that involves regular tasks such as content creation, project planning and execution, community engagement, and technological advancements. Within a year, we aim to see substantial progress in the development and implementation of these missions.

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