Decuple (DCP)

Decuple token bearing the symbol "DCP" is a fungible BEP20 token. DCP will not be listed on exchanges as a publicly traded currency. However, it has been deployed for many purposes.

ยท Rewarding Mechanism: DCP tokens serve as an incentivizing mechanism within the Decuple platform, enabling users to accumulate tokens by engaging in activities such as trading, staking, or participating in community events. This approach encourages and motivates active participation within the platform.

ยท NFT Marketplace: DCP tokens are the only available currency for acquiring NFTs within the Decuple NFT marketplace. Using DCP tokens for NFT purchases also grants users additional discounts, increasing the attraction of the platform. This ecosystem empowers users to trade and collect unique digital assets using DCP tokens, thus establishing a dynamic marketplace for NFT users.

ยท Governance: Through the use of DCP, you can participate in the governance mechanisms and DAO of Decuple, allowing you to cast votes for future developments.

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