Faxen is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform with a user-friendly design. Its mission is to send crypto traders and investors on an exciting Web 3.0 journey by offering a series of novel financial services and tools.

Faxen introduces the "Stake to Pay" concept, which flips the script on conventional staking. Instead of locking away your assets, you are invited to actively participate in the network and stake your Decuple NFTs to get rewarded. This approach not only encourages a sense of ownership and belonging but also brings an element of dynamism to the exchange. Faxen's philosophy centres on trust, transparency, and inclusivity. It's a welcoming space where individuals can manage all their assets and finances in one place.

For more information, please refer to: https://faxen.io

Decuple NFT use cases on Faxen include but are not limited to:

By staking Decuple NFTs on the Faxen platform, you will take advantage of several excellent and profitable programs:

  • Free blockchain network transactions and withdrawals;

  • Less Commission for Traders;

  • Bounces of future markets;

  • Periodic Dividends;

  • Getting a closer seat in airdrop distributions;

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