Thousands of years ago, in a realm suspended between the earth and the heavens, a city was built under the gods' command and named Amantis. This newly constructed land was filled with pure, breathtaking gold and gold mines, radiating an intelligence that dazzled all who beheld it. Of course, the avaricious hearts of many were drawn to this city and its lustrous treasure.

Amantis stood upon a foundation of resplendent light, a strange and enchanting radiance emanating from a chasm in the city's heart, a radiant spring of energy. The city boasted towering mountains, grand waterfalls, and fertile fields. It had multiple entrances, each more fantastical than the last. The first was a colossal staircase that reached from the earth to the heavens. The second entrance came through the sea, where the waters rode upon clouds to get to the city. The last entryway was through spaceports, where celestial ships descended.

Amantis was a city steeped in modern science, knowledge, and advanced technologies, entwined with countless enchantments. The gods were satisfied with the creation of this city and the riches it brought them. Yet, they never considered who might enter the city or what might occur within. Among the beings who entered, goblins toiled in the mines, humans engaged in trade to bolster the city's prosperity, mountain-dwelling hobbits crafted advanced tools for extracting and transporting gold, and elves aided in maintaining the city's security.

However, it didn't take so long for news of Amantis to reach the ears of Panzi, the lord of a dark and desolate land. One of the goblins working in the mines conveyed reports about the city and its commercial success to Panzi. This particular goblin was infatuated with sorcery and supernatural powers. Panzi promised to teach him magic if he could find a way to get Panzi inside the city. Panzi was a diminutive figure with a short stature, long arms, and his clothes in tatters, while his body was anything but ordinary.

Panzi reached the city gates and was astonished to discover that, despite the imposing size of the gates, entry and exit to the city were remarkably easy, and the city itself lacked substantial security measures.

Panzi spent considerable time working with various city inhabitants to earn a livelihood. Surprisingly, no one ever asked about his name, origins, the strange and wondrous creature he was, or the peculiar and exotic trade he conducted.

One day, Panzi decided to execute a plan to plunder all the resources of Amantis and vanish without a trace.

Panzi's land was a dark, corrupt realm known as the haunt of dark sorcerers. In Panzi's land, only wizards, pirates, and highwaymen resided in a dark, desolate place devoid of wealth and prosperity.

Panzi commanded the sorcerers to use their powers to set fire to all the withered trees in the city, transforming them into charcoal. He then ordered the thieves to coat the charcoal with copper, making it look like golden stones. With cunning and the magic he possessed, Panzi successfully swapped all the gold in the city's mines and cellars with charcoal. He used the city's spaceships to carry away all the gold and other resources.

As Panzi departed, a strange event unfolded. The city's light gradually dimmed, and no one knew what was happening. This continued for several days until the light was extinguished. The waterfalls and fountains in the city dried up, and the plains turned into a desert. Creatures scattered, and the town was left devoid of inhabitants.

Among all the beings that had previously entered the city, ten valiant warriors had not yet left. These warriors possessed unique and hidden powers and were determined not to abandon the city. Instead, they decided to wait for a while, work on rebuilding the city, and restore its spirit. They were diverse individuals skilled in knowledge, warfare, trade, and alchemy. Among them, one stood out as the most powerful and experienced. His name was Enoch.

Enoch and the nine other warriors decided to visit the gods' ruler, Indra. They ventured into the grand hall of Indra's palace, but they could not find him despite their search. Enoch, however, would not allow the other warriors to lose hope. He immediately assembled the group of ten and named it "Decuple." Enoch announced to the warriors that they could bring the city back to life with their own will, knowledge, skills, and benevolence.

The ten warriors gathered around a massive, half-buried table in the city's crumbling library. They brainstormed ideas to revive the city. Enoch proposed that they first explore the entire city, searching for hidden places and valuable remnants of its inhabitants. They wanted to gather what remained of the city and its people, grabbing those they considered worthwhile. Their plan was to create an indomitable force, something different from what had previously sustained the city.

Enoch then began to narrate the history of Amantis, as detailed in the city's most ancient alchemy book. The story revealed how Amantis was formed and that the city's spirit was crafted from the remnants of historical beings and precious gemstones. The warriors were determined to restore all the forces necessary to resurrect the city. These forces included intellect, universal sustenance, knowledge, and health; freedom; diversity and societal differences; the balance of natural forces; life and procreation; resilience; unity and equality; boundless income; empowerment and support; human emotions and needs; governance and awareness; and human nature and essence.

The group managed to acquire more valuable and rare items. They found the golden wheat seeds, a quill from a phoenix, petals of blue lotus, a lodestone of Nium, the evergreen Ameretat plant, a tough and precious jade gemstone, a crystal goblet from the palace hall, a serpent's skull, a horn of Barmaya cow, the people's tears, the great magician's sceptre, and an emerald gemstone.

They gathered at the city's blacksmith's forge and lit it with the sun's heat and white magic. They placed each object inside the furnace one by one, and each warrior, using their magical abilities, imbued the objects with extraordinary properties. Enoch explained that after creating this powerful enchantment, they would need to distribute it among the city's most loyal inhabitants. This would empower them to resurrect and protect the city. These individuals would become the true custodians of the town, with the authority to share the magic with whomever they chose.

Enoch declared, "We must have the capacity to enlist 50,000 loyal guardians to initiate our endeavour in the city." The warriors divided the elixir, the panacea they had created, into 50,000 tokens, each carrying unique powers and properties. The allocation of these abilities was not equal; instead, it was asymmetrical within these tokens to empower the guardians with different sets of skills. These tokens were named "Genesis" and had four levels: Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

With these Genesis medallions, individuals could activate their specific abilities on their armour and weapons, enabling them to access the city's services. The city's inhabitants could participate in important decisions, resource allocation, and trade profits. They could join the city's governance and the distribution of wealth as long as they held these gems. Alongside their trade profits, they could benefit from the city's earnings in various domains.


The ten warriors were each assigned a specific district within the city, and they began their work, leveraging their expertise to develop and secure their regions. The six supreme beings, Sinara, the warrior of health; Silkar, the warrior of wealth; Tlalocan, the warrior of commerce; Argosios, the warrior of serenity; Eden, the warrior of insight; and Enoch, the commander of the warriors, played a pivotal role in this rejuvenation.

To attract the initial community of loyal citizens, Enoch instructed the celestial birds to spread the news of the city's reopening across different lands in both the earthly and heavenly realms, using a divine sound he provided them. This process occurred in two stages. In the first stage, only those who had previously expressed an interest in the city's revival and were saddened by its darkened lights could hear the sound of the celestial birds. The message was delivered in an ancient language that not everyone could understand.

In the second stage, all those who had heard about the city from friends or acquaintances and were interested in engaging in its activities, trade, or becoming Amantis citizens could access the city through registration.

The city of Amantis officially started its activities. Around the town, soldiers marched, following Enoch's orders to protect the city by eliminating all communication routes at all three entrances. Enoch, this time, designated only one path for entering the city. A way that allowed Genesis owners, regular individuals, and those who wished to receive Amantis citizenship to enter through the central portal.

Once residents and visitors passed through the portal, they emerged in a grand harbor where large ships were anchored. Each dock was under the control of a warrior. Those carrying the Genesis badges could enter the city via a distinguished entrance without delay.

Those who just wished for a visit to the city or desired to buy or borrow a Genesis medallion from their owners had to go through a registration process at the harbour. They were then identified by the guardian angels and Genesis owners and granted access to the city with some restrictions. The guardian angels could identify dark sorcerers, pirates, bandits, Panzi, and his forces, allowing the Genesis bearers to engage in activities within the city more effectively. With citizens and visitors entering through the portal and arriving at an excellent harbour with unique access points oriented to their needs and affiliations, the city came to life.


The city of Amantis flourished once more, thanks to its ten guardians' combined efforts and the Genesis holders' assistance. Each warrior dedicated themselves to their specialized roles, and the Decuple society introduced the Deco cryptocurrency to facilitate trade and transactions in the city and its harbours.

The district where Sinara, the warrior of health, resided was a magnificent building perched atop a hill by the main river, surrounded by towering cedar trees. Thousands of people visited him daily, seeking his wisdom in healing their ailments. Sinara directed his patients to specific locations in the city under his watchful eye, where they could receive specialized treatment. Those possessing Genesis assets enjoyed priority for treatment and lower service costs.

Silkar, the warrior of wealth, conducted his activities in a grand building adorned with transparent diamonds. The structure served as a hub for trade and investments. Silkar and his associates closely monitored all transactions to prevent any mistakes. Those who possessed the Genesis medallion were entitled to substantial financial rewards.

The city's inland areas were interspersed with flowing rivers, connected to one another by several bridges, each district overseen by one of the guardians. In one of these areas, Argosios reclined on a soft, cloud-like throne. He helped visitors explore the city's attractions, recreational areas, and landmarks, ensuring that they had the utmost enjoyment during their visit to Amantis. Travel expenses could be paid using Deco, and those with Genesis received various financial benefits.

The city's newfound prosperity was supported by a well-organized infrastructure, offering specialized services and opportunities for its inhabitants and visitors. The unique qualities of the Genesis assets allowed citizens to access these services with ease and reap the rewards of their citizenship in Amantis.

Amantis was a thriving hub of commerce and trade, with various businesses either already well-established or newly launched. Those wishing to invest or start a new enterprise often visited Eden, the warrior on his flying horse, for guidance. With the help of the celestial birds, he disseminated news throughout the city to direct potential investors and buyers, assisting them in their endeavours.

In the city's heart lay a bustling marketplace, meticulously overseen by Tlalocan, the warrior of trade. Here, he managed businesses, facilitated transactions, provided advertisements, and offered specific privileges to selected traders and buyers. He also monitored the market, resource distribution, and the city's wealth. Holders of Genesis were given priority in availing themselves of these services.

The city's numerous islands, interconnected by innumerable bridges, led to a mountainous area where the air was thick with mist. Amidst the heavy fog stood a grand fortress featuring tall towers and ramparts. The castle had five gates, each guarded by the Genesis and angelic guardians. Beyond the final gate, a great hall led to the main palace, where Enoch oversaw daily affairs.

The hall served as a venue for gatherings, essential decision-making processes, and voting, with Enoch presiding over them. Only the Genesis holders, nobilities, and select traders with many tokens were allowed to participate. Warriors reported daily on the status of their governed districts, and Enoch issued instructions accordingly.

Enoch also managed the city's day-to-day operations, the protocols for entering and exiting the city, and communication among the various sectors. Amantis was meticulously governed, with each district thriving under the watchful eye of its appointed guardian and guardians, and the entire city was synchronized in its activities to ensure its prosperity and success.

Amantis was indeed one of the most flourishing cities in the universe. All its residents, including the initial protectors, enjoyed a plethora of life's amenities. The city was characterized by loyalty and strong ethics, and it held its initial supporters in high regard, always prioritizing them in providing services. Amantis had become a unique and renowned city, with few who hadn't heard of its name, and it was not a destination one would visit casually. It had transformed into a global tourism and trade hub, offering numerous benefits to individuals from various backgrounds and interests.

The city's prosperity and welcoming atmosphere made it an attractive destination for tourists and traders. Its thriving businesses, well-regulated marketplace, unique governance structure, and special abilities granted by the Genesis badges made it a sought-after location for commerce and cultural exchange. This, in turn, created a prosperous environment that benefited the city's residents and visitors from distant lands.

Amantis had undoubtedly become a land of hope, prosperity, and unity in the world, building a strong sense of loyalty and community among its citizens and initial supporters. Its harmonious coexistence and collaboration among individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents had made it a utopia, setting an example for the rest of the world.

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