The Architecture of Decuple's Ecosystem

The architecture of Decuple is built based on several main principles. Without them, Decuple will not function and won't reach their goals.

Multiple Blockchains: The Decuple's core starts with one main blockchain network, BNB Chain. We have several purposes: security, scalability, convenicence, and privacy. Consequently, many other blockchains are slated to be added soon.

Interoperable Protocols and Platforms: To enable communication and data transfer between Decuple's different subprojects, we have provided the ability of cross-chain messaging protocols. These protocols facilitate the seamless exchange of assets and information across various unified projects.

Cross-Platform Asset Standards: Adopting common token and asset standards like ERC-20 and ERC-721 ( in Ethereum) and BEP-20 (in BNB Chain) ensures that Decuple's assets can be easily transferred and recognized across different blockchains. More blockchains are being added soon.

Data Privacy: Decuple uses robust security practices, including audits, penetration testing, and continuous monitoring, to protect its ecosystem from vulnerabilities and attacks.

IPFS Protocol: Decuple leverages the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) protocol at its core to transform content storage and distribution. In Decuple's architecture, content is added to IPFS using its content-addressing system, which generates unique cryptographic hashes named CIDs for each piece of data. This approach ensures the decentralization and permanence of the project's content, making it resistant to censorship and single-point failures.

DeFi-based Solutions: Decuple utilizes Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions to provide financial services and utilities for its users and their NFTs. DeFi allows users access to a broad spectrum of financial products and services without intermediaries or centralized authorities. It will enable users to earn passive income from their digital assets through staking, lending, borrowing, or investing.

NFT Staking & Lending: Decuple considers an infrastructure for its users to make money through staking or lending their idle NFTs. We care about our supporters, so we maximized their gain by some mechanisms.

1. By staking NFTs, you can make passive income from dividends, discounts and rewards on all our platforms. The detailed procedure will be discussed.

2. You can also lend your NFTs to people who do not own it but need it for a purpose. On each platform, non-owners can borrow your specific NFT to get discounts, waive fees, etc. In this case, you will make money as the NFT lender.

And there's an exciting option available for holders of other NFT packages. If you own NFTs besides Decuple's packages, which may be of low value or unused, you'll soon have the opportunity to bring them to our platform and stake them for rewards. Here at Decuple, we appreciate all forms of real art, regardless of their market value.

Don’t worry if you have accumulated scores and rewards within the Decuple ecosystem and have no immediate use for them. You have the freedom to transfer your rights to your first-degree relatives or sell them on our markets to other customers, allowing you to profit from your holdings.

Tokens: Our tokens convey value and entitlement in the ecosystem.

1. Deco (DCO): It serves as our utility token and native currency for paying ecosystem fees. Additionally, it is tradable on open markets and exchanges.

2. Decuple (DCP): This governance token provides holders with election privileges for platform development and other functions. It is backed by gold, silver, and various real assets acquired at their lowest prices.

3. DUSD: Our stablecoin designed for paying fees and transferring value within the system.

This section will be discussed in detail.

Communities: Decuple's life direly depends on its community. But this time, the community is divided into many strong districts. Each platform has its unique community and set of members and is administered independently. These communities will connect numerous categories of people in each enterprise to make a substantial synergistic space for all professions and service receivers.

This section will be covered in detail.

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