As an e-commerce platform, Brandstaking introduces a blockchain-powered solution for the digital retailing, wholesaling and branding industry.

Brandstaking tackles issues like ad fraud, offering a reliable solution for advertisers. This platform streamlines e-commerce transactions, optimizes supply chain management, and builds consumer trust through transparency, product authenticity, and verification.

Brandstaking enables users to participate in buying and selling products and get marketing and branding consultations. These unique features allow businesses and individuals to engage in e-commerce with maximized gain. Individuals, small brands, and even well-established companies can list their products for sale, set prices, and socialize them in media designed exclusively for Brandstaking.

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Decuple NFT use cases on Brandstaking include but are not limited to:

  • Discounts on purchasing goods;

  • Free consultations and tips for branding;

  • Free or discounted advertisements in social media;

  • Lending your NFT to product buyers or sellers and gain income;

• Selling your won prizes to someone else;

• Using your NFT as collateral to buy a product and repay the price later;

• Being a sales agent for a particular product in your county;

• Earning dividends through Brandstaking self-investment in stocks;

• Becoming a validator for our stablecoin program and earn profits;

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