Virtuence, the mega project of the Decuple ecosystem, aims to invent an exhaustive virtual world of other Decuple's undertakings. It envisions an interoperable province of nine projects virtualized in a virtual realty oasis. You can find all subproject features in Virtuence with a gamified and metaverse style.

Any activities you are involved in Decuple subset organizations, you can virtualize and promote them in the Virtuence platform. For instance, product buyers and sellers at Brandstaking can open stores in the Virtuence metaverse market and continue their businesses. Or you can upgrade your Decuple NFTs, from figure, weapon or medallion, to a more incredible version and use them to play video games with Play2Earn (P2E) mechanisms. You can also trade cryptos, book a flight or hotel and many other things related to Decuple subprojects.

At the core of the Virtuence, there is a DAO-based democratic world. You're invited to step into an engaging virtual world where you can actively partake in the decision-making of metaverse, games, etc., vote on proposals, and navigate the DAO's dynamic ecosystem.

These features add an extra layer of immersion and personalization for Decuple NFTs, allowing users to interact with each other and showcase their digital assets in the virtual world, whether it's rare NFT collectables, customized avatars, or special in-game characters.

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Decuple NFT use cases on Virtuence include but are not limited to:

· Employing NFTs as 2D and 3D avatars and playable characters;

· Opening a store in the metaverse market;

· Playing video games and winning prizes;

· Participating in elections and voting;

· Purchasing and owning metaverse lands;

· Casting votes for projects DAOs;

· Booking flights, accommodations, etc.;

· Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies;

· And more;

And there's an exciting option available for holders of other NFT packages. If you own NFTs besides Decuple's packages, which may be of low value or unused, you'll soon have the opportunity to bring them to our platform and stake them for rewards. Here at Decuple, we appreciate all forms of real art, regardless of their market value.

Don’t worry if you have accumulated scores and rewards within the Decuple ecosystem and have no immediate use for them. You have the freedom to transfer your rights to your first-degree relatives or sell them on our markets to other customers, allowing you to profit from your holdings.

More mechanisms and rewarding features will be added as the projects evolve.

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