Decuple Components

Decuple goes beyond the boundaries of traditional NFT projects or marketplaces. We offer an expansive range of functionalities tailored to the diverse needs of our communities. Whether you're an artist, collector, developer, or investor, Decuple provides versatile tools and services.

Decuple is a multi-chain project comprising ten businesses, each with distinctive features and advantages for its users in different industries. Until now, six projects are under development, progressing step by step according to their respective roadmaps. These enterprises specialize in one sector, as follows:

Faxen: a cryptocurrency exchange for all traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts who want to make financial decisions.

Campifo: a booking platform in the travel & tourism industry for all travellers and tourists who want to book a flight, accommodation, restaurant and rent cars, motels, etc., around the globe.

Medurism: a medical tourism & healthcare platform for all patients who want to travel abroad for affordable treatment and surgery.

Brandstaking: a worldwide online shop for retailers and wholesalers with tens of services like branding consultation, social media advertisements, logistics, etc.

Opous: a Web 3.0 launchpad connecting investors with crypto businesses to gain profit and raise capital for crypto projects in the form of ICO, IEO, IDO, etc.

Virtuence: a virtual democratic world for all the above projects comprising video games, metaverse, virtual reality, etc. It connects everyday real life and virtual life.

Four other subsets are still undisclosed.

Decuple provides a variety of services to individuals, brands, companies, investors, manufacturers, and so on. You can find almost everything in these projects: art, music, video games, education, entertainment, e-commerce, social media, metaverse, DAO, etc.

What connects all these projects and gives them a unified soul is the Decuple NFT collections. With these NFTs, Decuple bestows resources and benefits to their projects and keeps them operating in balance. By utilizing these NFTs, users can access multiple services the projects offer.

Decuple NFTs consist of three foremost collections: an armour (or action figure) of a superhero, a weapon to battle, and a mascot medallion for magic power. All these categories will gift the owners several services in Decuple businesses.

You can own an NFT and upgrade in all subset establishments to unlock marvellous features.

Through Decuple, users can access exclusive content, rewards, royalties, dividends, governance rights, and more via their NFTs. Moreover, they can establish their communities, socialize with other users on social media platforms, and participate in virtual world experiences. In addition, users can take advantage of educational content or e-commerce products offered by credible merchants or educators.

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